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March 26, 2010

Be Not Afraid....

"Physical reality is a dense energetic opportunity for the soul's expansion.

Not all of it is pretty, not all of it is easy to comprehend. However, the moments offered are a perspective that is not so available in the spiritual realm.

Seek the expression boldly, as you have created it for your own purpose. Your actions in difficulty offer a window to who you are.

Be not afraid as you are not alone in all the trials and tribulations. Dig deep into your energy to find the purpose of your soul while embracing the lesson that has been created to serve your energy.

Feel the hand of your entity as it brushes away the tear from your eye. Know that all who love you are encircling you with their love.

Be not afraid. It does not serve the moment. Be connected to your soul who has created your life. Know that you are not alone. Feel the warmth and let it embrace your heart.

The hurt will subside in the connection. You are treasured by all those who love you in spirit.

Rejoice in that feeling and be not afraid. In fact be quite the opposite.....Bold."

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