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September 26, 2009

Cervical Cancer: A Diary - Part 5

During this two and a half week period of waiting I investigate some alternative cures. The first person I speak to deals in a therapy called oxygen therapy. It’s basically a tablet that you take over a period of months which will apparently reduce or totally kill off the cancer cells. The guy I speak to is very exuberant and chats to me for almost two hours about his product. He is unable however to give me any guarantee. He mentions a Dr Warburg who won the Nobel Peace Price for his work with cancer treatments and says that this treatment is based on that work. It all sounds very impressive and I am quite interested to hear what he has to say. The treatment is however quite expensive. He also has a lot to say about the medical profession not knowing all there is to know about cancer and states that the operation they have prescribed for me is ‘barbaric’. I tend to agree with this at that moment.

The other alternative treatment I seek out is referred to me by a very good and trustworthy friend. This person has an EMF (electro magnetic frequency) machine which scans your entire body and is able to diagnose any problems with health and emotional disorders. I go to see her and she is wonderful. She has a machine that she recommends called the Rife machine. This works the same way in which an opera singer would crack the glass by singing a really high note. That same frequency logic is used in this machine to break down the cancer cells. Her treatment would be a lot cheaper than the oxygen therapy or the operation and would take 4 months to complete. I am interested and excited but not entirely convinced. I tell her I want to think about it and go home to weigh up my options.

On the one hand I am so petrified of the operation that any alternative seems extremely attractive and on the other the alternative therapies would take a bit longer. It feels like I am gambling with mine and my daughter’s lives. I go home and speak to friends and family and pray about the situation. I ask for a sign.

Eventually from the strangest source, my sign comes. I watch an episode of Private Practice in which a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She too dabbles in alternative treatments which go wrong and she eventually opts for the surgery. I weep as I watch this and it is then that I know what I have to do.


  1. Belinda all I can say to you having been exactly where you are now, I feel your pain. But my three words to you is. Educate yourself about your cancer. This will give you Knowledge and knowledge will give you Strength. And then all I can say is do everything you can. COMBINE their knowledge and your Knowledge. Don't leave a single stone unturned. This is one hell of a road to find oneself on. But for me the journey was wonderful and I do not regret a moment of my journey. It is long and really hard. But open yourself up and you will be amazed at what can happen.

  2. Hey Odette: Please send me your Skype details so we can chat. Tx. xx

  3. Hi there
    My skype is odette Gaud
    and here is something you should see for yourself.

  4. hey sweetie. I know that the thought of surgery must completely freak you out. I know I would look into alternative treatments too if i were in your shoes. However, I also know that I'd want to know that these bad cells are gone - for sure! Difficult dilemma. Maybe take the best from both - surgery to get rid and alternative to make sure your body has the best nutrients to see you through...
    I'm thinking of you cuz, Elise xx

  5. Aah Bee...
    You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.