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October 01, 2009

Cervical Cancer: A Diary - Part 7

I spend the rest of that day lazing about in my hospital bed, reading a bit. I get my dad to get me some takeaway lunch as I’m starving. Several hospital staff come to check on me to take blood pressure, temperature etc. My anaesthetist drops in at about 4pm to tell me what will happen tomorrow morning. Apparently my op is scheduled 1st thing at 8am and I will be given something to calm me down beforehand. Goodie, I think, drugs – just what I need! I ask for a sleeping tablet that night as I am unable to calm down sufficiently to sleep.

The next morning I am awoken at 5am by the nurses offering tea or coffee. Hospital coffee is like dishwater in any event but I am not allowed to eat or drink anything anyway due to my impending operation. I go and have a shower and wash my hair figuring I won’t be able to do this for a little while after the op. At 6.30 the sister comes in bearing drugs including the promised calming tab, Ativan. I swallow this and almost instantly become quite sleepy and have a little nap.

At 7am they wheel me into the pre-operation area. I am not at all nervous thanks to the good drugs!

To be continued


  1. You told me the hospital's name if so that means you have some of the same docs i hAD and Oh my gosh arent they stukkies and a half. They were young good looking inteligent sort of a combination you don't find anywhere. I did not go private but I was lucky I went and grabbed my solo ward seperated from the others. The work the people and all were first class. Considering prior to this I had heard so much bad stuff. Looking forward to hear only good news from now on.


  2. Oy. What would we do without pre-anaesthesia meds!