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April 01, 2009

Single White Spinster with Cats

It struck me last night as I was trying desperately to unpack groceries, get kid in the bath, serve supper (note not MAKE supper as it was ready-made food from supermarket), tidy the house and feed ALL those damn cats, that this is not how I envisioned my life turning out.

I started out with just the one cat (male, neutered, extremely polite and well behaved, knew his p’s and q’s) – like just the one kid (female and well not really all that well behaved). I refused point blank to get a dog, as they're simply too much high maintenance. We then happened to acquire another (very small) female cat who (because I am so incredibly busy doing everything) I forgot to get spayed (ever) in time. She fell pregnant (the little slut) and has now produced ANOTHER 3 offspring (this being her 3rd litter – yes I know I am a terrible kitty mom!) – very cute little kittens, now almost 6 weeks old.

So, last night the background soundtrack to my frenzy of activity was the following:

· 1 female cat meowing (growling) at me,

· 1 large male cat making 'moffie'* mewing noises and

· 3 kittens copying their mum in a much higher pitch (read: screaming) making meee-meeee noises.

Everytime I made a move towards the door or the cat food, the pitter-patter of twenty little paws would follow me. It's funny in hindsight but revolting while it was happening. Me, the harridan yelling: ‘SHUT UP. I have to feed the humans

first… SHUT UP!!!’ Lovely, what must the neighbours think!?

*Moffie – Afrikaans for Hetero-sexually challenged

** Edited to Add: I have NO intention of keeping all 3 kittens.

***Edited AGAIN to Add: This is an old post. We are now the proud owner of a Jack Russell – I need to be committed. Show me the way to the next asylum – ooh don’t ask whyyy....


  1. So you have all those cats, kids, and a dog?


  2. One kid, lightweight.
    And we have booked one of those four-footers. Hell, out house loks like catlitter-explosion already.
    And Bee, COOK FOOD! Siestog!

  3. Heh heh... I thought this looked familiar.